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Free Self-Publishing for Print-On-Demand
Books, Manuals, & Documents

Gung-Ho Publishing is a new, truly unique approach to self-publishing that rewards content
creators and owners with the maximum profit, control, and sales information they deserve.

Gung-Ho is “The Amazon Alternative”

Sell Direct In Your Own Free Web Store

Make More Money & Get Paid Faster

Get All Your Customer Information

Retain All Your Publishing Rights

How It Works

Your Website

On your website or social media page, the user clicks/taps your “Buy My Book” button.

Your Branded Web Store

The user is linked to your free Store, adds your book to their cart, checks out, and
Gung-Ho processes the order.

Gung-Ho Printing

The order is printed on demand, shipped to the user, and Gung-Ho sends you 85% of the markup.

Store Features & Benefits

Totally Free

No setup cost. No monthly cost. No hidden costs. More >
The only time there is a cost for using Store occurs when you choose to sell items with a marked-up sales price.

If there is a markup, that markup is split: You get 85% and Gung-Ho gets 15%.

You Make 85%

You get an industry-high
85% of the markup. More >
If you choose to sell items with a marked-up sales price, you get 85% of that markup.

Example: If the item cost is
$5 and you sell it for $20, the markup is $15 and it is split: You get 85% = $12.75 and Gung-Ho gets 15% = $2.25.

Fast & Easy Setup

It only takes a few minutes
to set up your Store. More >
To set up your Store:
Select your items, add your description and selling price.

The setup tools work just like a cell phone. No technical experience is required.

Your Branding

Add your Store name,
logo, and favicon. More >
To brand your Store:
Enter your Store name, add your own logo and favicon.

The branding tools work just like a cell phone. No technical experience is required.

Get All Your
Customer Info

Access all your customer information online. More >
Your customers are yours.

We want you to know who they are and what they buy so you contact them about past and future purchases.

All your customer information is available online so it's accessible from any device, at any time.

Sales Reports

Review your sales from any device, at any time. More >
Your Sales Report includes all your customer order details as well as all the costs associated with the order.

All your Sales Report information is available online so it's accessible from any device, at any time.


Get paid for your sales at
the end of month. More >
You get paid for monthly sales at the end of the month provided you reach the $50 minimum threshold amount.

Example: You will be paid for January sales at the end of January if the amount owed is at least $50. Unpaid amounts under $50 roll over to the next month.

Retain All Your
Publishing Rights

Your ISBN and Publishing
Rights belong to you. More >
Your items and everything about them are always yours.

We don't claim ownership to your content, artwork, ISBNs, or any publishing rights.

Nothing is held hostage so you are free to use any publisher or self-publishing service you like.

Publish Anything You Print

Gung-Ho Printing

Gung-Ho Store

Gung-Ho Publishing

Anything you print at can quickly and easily be added to your Free Branded Web Store.

Link your website and social media pages to your Store, and now your visitors are buying directly from you.

Gung-Ho will process your orders, print and ship your books, and send you 85% of the markup.

What We Do

We provide you with the easiest and most profitable way to self-publish and sell your printed items on the Web,
give you online, real-time access to all your customer information, and let you retain all your publishing rights forever.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t create your content, format your PDF files, publish eBooks, or offer traditional wide distribution (at least, not yet).


Why Gung-Ho Is Better Than Amazon

Gung-Ho's Store

The Best Choice for Self-Publishing
$ 12.75
What you make on a $20 book sale*
  • Your own branding: store name, logo, and favicon
  • "Boutique" environment without any competition
  • Get all your customer information online in real time
  • We will never sell or share your data
  • Fast and easy setup with personal expert help
  • Complete control over your selling price
  • Get paid at the end of the month
  • Your ISBN and all the publishing rights belong to you

Amazon's KDP / CreateSpace

Good for Incremental Sales and eBooks
$ 3-7

What you make on a $20 book sale*
  • Amazon's branding
  • "Mall" environment that promotes your competition
  • Amazon does not provide any customer information
  • Amazon will sell and profit from your data
  • Complicated and lengthy setup with no phone support
  • Amazon can set and/or change your selling price
  • Amazon pays 60 days after the end of the month
  • Using Amazon's ISBN gives Amazon the publishing rights

Compare The Stores Yourself



“Boutique” environment without any competition
Author’s store name, branding, description, and selling price
Unlimited ability to add audio, video, and external links
Simple screen with a user-friendly look and feel



“Mall” environment with competition and sponsored ads
Amazon reduced the author’s selling price and royalties by 16%
Amazon controls and limits what can be added or linked
Cluttered and confusing screen for non-Amazon users

So why sell on Amazon?

People go to Amazon to buy just about everything and having a presence there allows them to find you.
If you want to sell eBooks or need traditional wide distribution, Amazon offers those services.
Prime members expect free 2-day shipping and it’s hard to compete with free.
For these reasons, it’s good to have a presence and sell on Amazon.

But don’t send your audience to Amazon

When people visit your website or social media page and want to buy your printed book, don’t send them to Amazon;
send them to your own Store so you can maximize your profit and get all your valuable customer information.
And, when people find you on Amazon, you can still make a less profitable, incremental sale.

What They Are Saying

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